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KI•RA is a collection of utensils that facilitate with the production and
consumption of edible containers. The most common outdoor meals, picnics and
lunch breaks were the main inspiration. The linear progress of food preparation
and consumption of a temporary, alfresco meal becomes circular. The food vessel
is part of the meal and the meal is the vessel. What remains is the memory of the
meal. Ki•ra comments on the takeaway food culture and enhances it through
revisiting customary food rituals. By emulating the act of snapping pieces of bread
it encourages as well the act of sharing

PAN IS ARTOS* @MilanDesignWeek2015

PAN IS ARTOS* is a pop-up design bakery that launched at Milan Design Week 2015
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PAN IS ARTOS* | Designujunction | Milan 2015

PAN IS ARTOS* is a pop-up design bakery concept conceived and performed by four designers and a baker based on a collection of design utensils that help with the production of bread and its derivatives.

Collaboration between: Kostantia Manthou, Anna Fabrizi, Simone Conti and STUDIOLAV


ALLOT.M is a series of marble lamps. Their design principal came from existing lampshades and their potential contours. The whole process was based on two main constraints*. They are slices of light that can be integrated anywhere. Due to their trapezoid shapes, they have no obvious point of balance (or have more than one) thus are able to change their position. As a result, shifting functions according to mood becomes a tactile activity.
The idea was born in Fuori Milano 2012, during a workshop of Kiro-Kolektif and has since been developed into actual objects.
ALLOT BASIC was the initial approach where wood was chosen as the dominating material. The results included four sizes.  
ALLOT.M due to its material, has a robust and monumental figure. The weight in this case plays a significant role in the perception one gets from the object. ALLOT.M comes in two sizes and the materials used are Carrara marble and brass.

*Constraint  #1: The past few years I have been interested in the outline of existing objects and their potential figures. Architecturally, the 2D drawing constitutes the most simple and self-explanatory form of describing space. The missing third dimension is a fleeting idea, it is what will eventually give shape and aesthetic to a space. It is behind this third dimension that you always find the hidden curves and the unintended textures.
I decided to 'discard' this third dimension. The outline of an object is the final object.

Constraint  #2:  I always felt that all the energy that is spent on producing a lamp, is belittled by the simplistic division of suspended/ floor or table lamp. I wanted to make a lamp that potentially serves all the above. A lamp that can be used in versatile ways and be integrated anywhere. 

Allot.M was presented during Milan Design Week 2014, in MarbleMix, at Ventura Lambrate
Special thanks to Anna Frabrizi

KI•RA and The Edible Tower (Of Containers)

KI•RA and The Edible Tower (Of Containers) is a collection of utensils, that facilitate with the production, transportation and consumption of an outdoor varied meal. While cooking, one can as well prepare edible containers which will later become part of the dish consumption. 
Along with the evident ecological approach, the idea of simultaneously preparing food and container, conceals a sensibility to the process and an additional tactility to the consumption.  The linear progress of food preparation for a temporary, alfresco meal becomes circular, and this very routine results to a complete nothing. What remains is the memory of the communal meal.

KI•RA was presented at Milan Design Week 2014 in Ventura Lambrate in the TIVD group exhibition 

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